Thursday, January 17, 2008

Video - This month im Featured in the Munga Honarebel video for di big mad tune "Take My Place". Big up to director Jay Will (Game Over). U gotta go all the way to the very very end of the video to catch my cameo, but di tune so wicked u nah go have a problem getting there. Check it out here (as well as the other videos im in)

Willie has had some extremely successfull dances of lately. First off was his bday party at bayside then the Lee n Chin Block Party was legendary. Also Bobby and a few other promoters kept Final Mission. Without a doubt the biggest biggest biggest line up for the 07. Matterhorn, Twitch, and the whole black chiney crew were all in full attendance. Heres the next event to come out of the Black Chiney djs camp.....EDEN

Eden is the ultra sexy ultra chic party for everyone who has been waiting for that night to dress to the nines to go out. South Floridas most exclusive club Grass Lounge will be the venue. This club has been exclusive for over 2 years to only celebrities and the extremely wealthy have If u have been looking for a reason to leave the house as sexy as possible here it is, take a look at the venue Music by the Quiet Storm - Peter T, the Soca Prince - Dorenzo, and yours truly Walshy Fire. No Screaming on the microphone, an intelligent mix of all kinds of music (extremely excited about the old school new york house segment), and beautiful people. This event will be selective to only 400 people so dress appropriately and be in that number! This MLK Sunday Night, no work or school next day. 21 and over is a muss! log on to for all info.

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New Podcasts!

This is for everyone who use to live in south florida or still lives here and misses those old vibes. Heres a throwback thursday show i did that fits this MLK weekend.

For those that dont know MLK is a huge weekend where all the djs bring all there sound systems out onto the block and battle all day long.

Heres a sample of the kind of music youll here it starts out with a little throwback new york segment but after that its all Miami!

This is juss for the Throwback lovers enjoy!

U can also listen to the Biggest song for 2007 debate.

Walshy Fire on Mixx 96 Radio . Miami

South Florida's listeners and online listeners debate
and choose the biggest reggae tune for 2007.


Dups has produced two tracks for Grammy winning artist John Legend that are unbelivable. These two songs are so good that if he was trying to juss putone song on his album to have a reggae feel the next one he will have a ultra tuff time picking one.

More Black Chiney Production coming at u, this artist goes by the name Syrene. Gotta say big up to Johnny Wonder for pushing this. This song is something seeeerious. Ladies u stressed out about your relationship well here is your anthem..."somebody come get me before i kill this maaaan". Put your frustrations into this song, put down the knife, and get some ice cream.