Sunday, November 23, 2008

Chinese Storm

Black Chiney Promo Mix for Willie Chin Bday Party Dec 13th AKA CHINESE STORM

Catch a preview of the Chinese Storm here for u old school muffakkas like myself!

Chinese Storm Preview.mp3 -

DL FULL Here (reup)

11/22 Milan,Italy
11/23 Wuppertal, Germany
11/26 Plus
Asylum Revenge
11/27 Karu N Y (Hosted by P. Diddy)
11/28 Mad House Dollarama
11/29 Coco Beach FL
11/30 Ginger Bay Cafe Swimsuit:Fashion Show
12/4 Recess: End of School Year Party @ Tabu Lounge Kendall
12/13 Willie Chin B Day Bash
12/19 Margueritaville
12/20 Philly
12/25 Bembe
Poetry.Soul.Music @ Kitchen 305
12/26 Montreal
12/27 Final Mission
1/18 Eden One Year Anniversary