Sunday, December 23, 2007

Speaking of TNT Carnival a good friend of ours Jus bus has a tune that he produced for carnival that when that drops.....nuff said. Dups of course stays consistant with hits like Collie Budz-Blind To You (Haterz) and Collie Budz-Tomorrows Another Day, both club bangaz right now. Me and Jus Bus did the Rihanna Slaughter Soca Remix to her song Please Don't Stop The Music, which was playing on power 96.5 and Mixx 96.1 here in Miami.

U Can always catch my live in Miami radio show on the web at and for the archives of it, go to my pod page download it straight to your ipod or just listen to it on the pc. I just signed up for this so i hope this is the correct address im giving u guys lol

Download: here are some download links for cds i have made recently, the latest being a Classic House Mix just in time for the new years...

of course my winter mix which was done for Trends's Premium party is still available for download at Riddim Stream. As well as the highly acclaimed Alicia Keys Mix.

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And for the first time outside of my personal friends the Blem Cd is available for download. This one is just tooo dam funky for alot of yall!

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Soca n Lime: Strictly soca in this part of the Newsletter.

Bobby called me from Tortolla to tell me he juss voiced some Crossfire Dubs, Soca world get ready for Socal 4 droppin after Tnt Carnival!!! If u wanna hear all the new Black Chiney Soca Dubs download this ipod ready mix its the biggest soca cd to come outta Miami Carnival...Socal (Soca n Lime) 3!!!

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And gotta say a special big up to my good friend Sizwec C. Destroying the charts with the soca song wine on u, huuuuuge song big up mi bredda and continue the good work. He juss sent me the Big Road Mix by Tony Tempo of Atlanta and here it is exclusively for u.

for more info on Sizwec holla at him.

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MaverickBze10 said...

Yo Big up Walshy Fire!I'm a Very Big Fan of Black Chiney From Belize. Appreciate it whenever i could get mi hands on any Black Chiney material. good looking anyways link up a low remix or take you there remix. 100 Keep it real